This is the home page of the the ultimate X-Files drinking game. Similar to movie drinking games, we have a list of actions performed by different characters on the show, all which warrant some level of drinking. The best part is that most of the actions are funny and will only get funnier as you drink more.

INSTRUCTIONS: The game is best played by two or three people. Each person chooses a character from the list below and drinks the stipulated sips for each action. If X-Files isn’t your flavor, here are some other drinking game for two people that you might like. Playing the game is extremely simple. Each time an event listed below occurs, take the designated number of sips from your beverage of choice.

Also, the item numbers on the chart are cumulative. Let’s look at #2 for Special Agent Fox Mulder as an example: if someone calls him (2a) and it’s not Scully (2b), you have to drink for 2a and 2b which totals means you take 3 drinks.

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Mulder and Scully Combos

These are some options to use when Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are in the same scene together.

Special Agent Dana Scully

X-Files Drinking Game rules for Special Agent Dana Scully


Shout out to everyone who helped make this awesome game!

Here are the most important ones:

  1. Keith Hornberger
  2. Kevin Gladish
  3. Eeyorre21

Special Agent Fox Mulder

These are your drinking actions for Special Agent Fox Mulder

Scully and Mulder’s First Scene Together